The Platform For Smart City & Urban Well-Being Events!

Big and small events are a crucial part of making a city vibrant and lively. Be it for entertainment, trade or learning, there will always be a place for everyone. Other than hosting our own events, we are also selling tickets for other smart city and urban-related events.


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Inspiring Local Urban Changemakers

Urban changemakers originate from diverse backgrounds, but together we can make our cities better. In fact, diversity is crucial to understanding how urban challenges can be approached and solved to the benefit of everybody that uses those urban spaces. Cities will only truly thrive in the future when there is synergy within the communities that occupy them.

While we observe World Cities Day every year, we must also celebrate the local heroes that bring positive change to their cities. From doctors, teachers, city planners, and small business owners to the general public,  we play important roles in driving urban change. UrbanXFest wishes to honor our urban warriors and inspire others to make a difference.

Come and share your urban events here for everyone to learn and connect with one another. Our goal is to make cities smarter and inclusive for all.