UrbanXFest 2021

Join us in our annual celebration of World Cities Day and everything that makes a city great! 

About This Year’s Event

2021 is set to be the year of recovery with travel restrictions still looming in many cities across the world. Therefore, in the spirit of knowledge sharing and urban impact celebration, we will be hosting our event fully online on our YouTube channel again. It will be free to watch, whenever and wherever you may be.

In UrbanXFest 2020, we were very happy to have four amazing speakers during the two hours session. However, we want to set the bar higher for UrbanXFest 2021 by creating different topic streams and mixing up the presentation format. Among the key topic streams are:

  • Urban livability (housing, public spaces, work environment, etc)
  • Urban economy (social business, business zoning guideline, etc) 
  • Urban mobility (micro-mobility, smart transport, road design, etc) 
  • Urban well-being (women, children, elderly, disabled and marginalised communities) 
  • Urban environmental impact (wastage, drainage, animal control, etc) 
  • Urban technology (smartcity, smarthome, cybersecurity, etc)

Stay tuned for more updates on our social media in the near future!