Upcoming Projects


UrbanXHub SmartCity Experience Center (Proposed)

A place where anyone can discover the fascinating concept and technologies behind SmartCities across the world. With more ASEAN cities emerging to be a world-class SmartCity, citizens must also understand the opportunities and risks in the future. This project is planned to be opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by late-2022.

Any interested parties that intend to donate into the project fund or collaboration, please contact us.


UrbanXD SmartCity Lecture Series (Proposed)

Urban innovation and adapting quickly to the contemporary social needs are crucial to the future of our cities. Our modules will focus on SmartCity ecosystem and the opportunities it brings in various fields. This project is currently in the module development phase and will begin in 2022.


UrbanXCo SmartCity App (Proposed)

An app for urban social. This project is set to begin in 2022.