Urban Experience Expert

Improving design in any urban spaces to fully enhance customer and workers’ experience.

We consult businesses, organizations and events to increase comfort, safety and efficiency for our clients. 

Urban experience design is not something new. It has always been an integral part of all key design works in cities worldwide.

Some may call it Feng Shui, while others may know it as behavioral science. Our company is taking one leap further in exploring how urban settings are affecting our multi-sensory and human interactions.

Hence, enabling us to deliver the best solutions for your business and personal well being.



When the specific space or areas has been identified, our team will have an in depth look at how it is being used, how it will be used and how it is interacting with it’s surroundings.



Then, our team will come up with several hypothesis on how we can make it better before testing them all from multiple angles. The mock tests will take into account many factors including emotional & psychological impact.


Finally, after finding the best solutions, our team will offer advice to the client on the integration or improvement process to the specified space or areas.

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